Why Don’t We’s Return to the Spotlight

Why Don’t We is back and better than ever!!       

Raegan Orrell, Journalist

Photo by Pixabay

Why Don’t We, one of the most popular boy bands of the year, is back from their 9-month hiatus with a new single titled “Fallin”. Most of their break consisted of writing and producing their second studio album as well as taking some time to work on their mental health and spend more time with family and friends. Not to mention film their incredible music video, directed by Isaac Rentz, for the new single.


Taking a step back to observe, the band consists of Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais, and Zach Herron and was formed in September of 2016. They met through social media due to the fact that most of them got their start off of apps like YouNow and YouTube. One of the members, Daniel Seavey, got most of his fame from being a contestant on the 14th season of the singing show American Idol. Even though he was just 15 at the time, this talented singer placed 9th on the show. The other members met through touring and other social media-based events. 


Their very first single titled “Taking You” from their debut EP Only The Beginning was released in November of 2016, only one month after the band formed. After that, they amassed a large following and continued to release more EPs Including Something Different, Why Don’t We Just, Invitation, and Why Don’t We Christmas. They were also featured on two of the youtube star Logan Paul’s songs, “Help Me Help You” and “The Fall of Jake Paul”.


Then in 2018, they surprised the whole world when they released a single titled “Trust Fund Baby” which was written by award-winning singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran. They then announced the release of their very first studio album, “8 Letters”, which as of 2020, has been streamed over 63 million times. While all of this was occurring the band had also been touring non-stop. With 2 of their own individual US tours, they were also a part of the annual Jingle Ball Tour, which travels across America and showcases artists like Camilla Cabello, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, and many others well known pop artists. 


In 2019, the group decided to release a single every month of the year. In January they released “Big Plans”. In February “Cold in L.A.” debuted, then March brought something special because they had their very first collaboration with Macklemore on the song “I Don’t Belong In This Club”.

Photo by Pixabay

April brought us a song that was featured in the motion picture Ugly Dolls called “Don’t Change” which some fans felt was set back, but many thought it was a great heartfelt song. The month of May delivered “Unbelievable” which was in fact unbelievable. So, with June came the song “Come to Brazil” which was a nod to their South American Fans making their presence more internationally felt. Fireworks came with the song “I Still Do” in July shortly followed in August, one of the most special months of the year for the band with the release of another song, that was written by friend and mentor Ed Sheeran titled “What am I”.


In September their release of the acoustic cover “What am I” demonstrated their instrumental talents and raw vocals, whereas, “Mad at You” in October, ‘19 focused solely on their vocal talents. In November they debuted their traditional release of a Christmas song called “With You this Christmas”, and finally to top off 2019, they released “Chills”. Even with all of these songs being released the band had just enough time to squeeze in the 8 Letters international tour. Traveling all the way from Australia to the Netherlands and all across the US.


Soon after New Years, the band announced their well deserved hiatus and no one has seen them, until now.

With a change in attire and attitude they say they’re now the band they’ve dreamed of being.”

Let’s talk about “Fallin” shall we? This song is a Pop-Rock song, very different from other songs they’ve done in the past. With a change in attire and attitude they say they’re now the band they’ve dreamed of being. The drum backed song embodies the growth and maturation of the group since their first album, not only musical but emotionally as well. The band wanted a change since it has been 4 years since their first song they wanted to prove that they are past the young boy band stage and are in fact a “Man Band” now, as they like to call it. The music video is a whole new look for the band as well. With the group now all playing different instruments, Seavey on the drums, cello, and guitar, Marais on the Keyboard, Besson tests out the guitar and bass, with Herron and Avery on the piano and guitar, they have definitely passed the boy band dances. 


Even though some may miss seeing the cheesy moves, I feel that this era of the band is already showing to be the best one yet. So make sure you go stream “Fallin”!