As We Come to an End, it is Time to Say Farewell


As We Come to an End, it is Time to Say Farewell

Hello Warriors, I am reaching you from a Journalism assignment. High school is coming to an end for the class of 2021, and I can say I’m ready to leave. If you’re a senior, try to remember the feeling you had the first time you walked into AHS. 

It’s Freshman Orientation Night and you’re walking in through the massive East Entrance. Upon entering the building, the hallways seem absolutely huge compared to middle school. You turn to the left and enter an elegant brick auditorium with fine cloth seats. 

Now though, the building no longer seems intimidating, the classes no longer seem interesting and the school feels smaller as you’ve been in every room. I don’t know where I’m going with this. 

My brain is almost entirely switched to summer mode and I’m struggling to meet the 200 word minimum. This is only 139 words and I’m writing this with 15 days left of school. Not my proudest work. Looks like 168 words will have to do. Goodbye, Arapahoe.