Foundation, the Foundation of your summer reading?


This is a review of my favorite book series of all time, Foundation By Isaac Asimov. This is known as one of if not the greatest Science Fiction series of all time. While it may be a somewhat slow read in the first novel, as it is more technical and long winded. The second book has a story much closer to an action adventure novel. 

This series follows the fall of a galactic empire, to the rebirth of a new better empire. The series focuses on the effect of the  actions of large groups of people over the course of time. Asimov proposes the idea that in the future it may be possible to map the future by studying the actions of millions in the past.  

It begins with a young scientist being invited to be a part of a government research group. Working for the most prominent scientist on human behavior in the galaxy. When he arrives he learns from the scientist that he predicts the galactic empires fall in only 200 hundred years. He continues to tell the young scientist about his plan to shrink the gap between galactic empires. 

The series follows this group of scientists on their quest to use past human behavior to predict a better empire in a shorter interim of barbarism. 

This series kept me interested and hooked all the way through the main novels. The stories it tells over a 1,000 year period build a beautiful and intricate universe. 

I would recommend for anyone who enjoys Science Fiction to give this series a read over the summer.