Club Spotlight BSA

Miles McMonigle

October 19, 2022

Club Spotlight BSA


Clubs are a great way to get involved with Arapahoe. I talked with one of the leaders of the club Black Student Alliance. In this club, they meet every Monday in Mr. Kulhmans room and talk about day-to-day issues with being black in America. They also talk about their own experiences in school with racism. 


They are expanding their club although into a COA which stands for Cultures of Arapahoe. In this expansion, they are going to include all the cultures of Arapahoe. They will still talk about daily experiences at Arapahoe. They will also have a day where all the cultures have a potluck of different cultural foods. 


This club is a very interesting unique club where you can share your feelings and problems with other people about your culture. They meet every other Monday in Mr. Kuhlman’s room so if you are interested definitely show up and give it a try!