Tom Toms: Ready to Win


Emma Mehlbrech, Reporter


Emma Mehlbrech, Reporter

February 6, 2023

The 5x state champions are in the middle of nationals. They should be so proud 

of themselves for getting a 3rd place finish at States. 

As well as it only being the second year competing

in hip-hop! What are the favorite dancers doing to get prepared? 


“We are practicing every day including Saturday because 

it’s nationals season. From after school to 7 or 8:30 

depending if we have a game that night,” said Junior Cole Domingo, 2nd-year Varsity.


 Do the Varsity Toms feel pressure going into nationals?

 “I feel a bit of pressure because it’s my first time

 going to nationals”, Domingo said.


With the number of hours, they practiced they should be ready for the competition. Are you guys ready to finish finals? “We feel ready to kick off our national competition,

 we worked hard polishing and cleaning our competition 

routines so we can’t wait to perform them in front of everyone!”, Domingo said.


There are two new freshmen on varsity this year! Annie 

Gonzales and Kylen Clarkson. How does it feel to be

 a freshman on varsity? 

“Being on Toms was a good way to get to know people before the transition going into high school. I was able to find a good group of people help lead me in the right ways through high school”, said Freshman Annie Gonzales, 1st-year Varsity.

Are Toms overwhelming or stressful? With the amount of work, you guys put in it must be. 

“It can definitely be stressful with all of the expectations to be as good as all the older people on my team but I have really enjoyed growing as a person and dancer through the help of my amazing teammates. I love it!”, said Gonzales.

Tom Toms are in the middle of competing against many other schools around the country. Make sure you guys watch them from the 3rd through the 6th. Stay tuned for upcoming results. Will they bring out a victory? Let’s see.