Football Senior Night: Undefeated


Becca Garner, Spear Contributor

With twenty nine seniors, this class has shown that hard work pays off. This Warrior team showed no one can stop them after beating Top 10 Ranked Grandview. After beating Rangeview for the League Championship, this group of boys wanted to stay undefeated.

Last night, October 30th, was senior night. Coach Campbell and Mr. Sisler stood at the end of the line greeting this great group of men. Coach Campbell showed all smiles but in his eyes, you could see that he will miss this group. After the twenty nine seniors got recognized, it was game time!

First half came under way against Smoky Hill Buffalo’s. Nick Thompson,#21, ran all over the Smoky Hill defense. The Buffs had a few stops on Thompson. When that did happen, Pete Mitchell, #12, would role out and throw it to #13, Connor Williams. At the end of the half, it was 28 to 0 Warriors.

Time passed with mini cheers and the Warrior Toms team delivering a great routine. When the Buffs and the Warriors came back out, it felt like it was twenty degrees. With an onside from the Buffs, the Warriors didn’t see that and Smoky Hill got the ball to start the second half.

Smoky Hill was marching down the field. Araphoe’s defense didn’t like that and stopped them. Ray Haas got a intercept, Charlie Leonard didn’t let a receiver catch anything, Ben Sandrin sacked the Buff’s quarterback with the help of #40 Luke Monroe, and #76 Foster Houts. In the middle of the fourth quarter, Coach Mike Campbell, brought out his seniors.

Warriors finished the game with a touchdown run by sophomore, Matt Phelan. With that touchdown, the Warriors shut out the Buffs 42 to 0. Warriors improved to 9 and 0 and #4th in the state for 5A!

Senior Night Video: