NHL All Star Game Review


Noah Curd

The NHL All Star Game was held this year in Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Nashville Predators. There was a new twist to this All Star Game; they still had the usual skills competition the night before, but the game this year was three vs. three (goalie not included). There were also four teams, not two.

The games this year were so much different. The teams played one 20 minute period. The players of the Central division played the Pacific team, and the Atlantic team played the Metropolitan team to see who would be in the Championship. The teams were made up of six forwards, three defenseman and two goalies. The teams were decided by where they were based geographically and not by division There was a special prize this year though. The winning team won one million dollars to split amongst themselves.

The Pacific team beat the Central team and the Atlantic team defeated the Metropolitan team. These games were high scoring with a score of 9 – 6 for the Pacific team and 4 – 3 for the Atlantic team. Everybody expected a big high scoring final. The Pacific won by a score of 1 – 0 as the goalies were amazing  by shutting down merely everything. Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks scored the mere one goal to give the Pacific team the victory


John Scott tid bit.

John Scott was the captain for the winning Pacific team, and he also won the all star game MVP. Here is how he got to Nashville.

John Scott is a power forward not known for his amazing stick skills or goal scoring ability, but he was still having a solid season with the Arizona Coyotes. The fans voted him in the game, and as the person with the most votes, he became captain of the Pacific team. The NHL did not like that idea, so it is under speculation that the Coyotes were forced to trade him to Montreal so he could not be the captain of the Pacific team because he was no longer in the Pacific team area. He was immediately sent down to the minor leagues of hockey by Montreal, therefore, no longer an active player in the NHL. Scott did not let that stop him from going to the All Star Game. He went to Nashville and was allowed to be the captain of the Pacific team as voted by the fans. Scott had a very good first game with two goals. At the end of championship game fans were chanting “MVP” as he was interviewed. Scott did end up winning the All Star Game MVP, once again through a fan vote. It will interesting what will come of the rest of John Scott’s season as he showed he is easily good enough to be playing with the best in the world, in the NHL.

Overall the NHL All Star talent competition and game were very exciting and fun-filled with some interesting twists built in!