Araphoe’s Up and Coming Field Hockey Program

Araphoes Up and Coming Field Hockey Program

Turner Pruitt, Brandon Dryer, Spear Reporters

This year, the Warriors added girls’ field hockey to their wide array of sports. Lead by Coach Katherine Ondrasik, this year’s Arapahoe girls have set out to pave the way for a new chapter of Warrior athletics and try to build a successful program. However, this may take time, as this inexperienced Warriors team is facing off against many other programs that have already established themselves.


The season is off in full swing as the Warriors are already six games in. The lack of experience has shown so far as they are 0-6 and still trying to score their first goal. However, as mentioned before, the Warriors are playing teams with much more experience. For example, Colorado Academy has been in the league since 2009 and their experience has shown as they were 2015 champions and are favored to win it again this year. Other teams that may be in contention for the title include Denver East (6-0-1), Palmer Ridge (6-0-1), and Kent Denver (6-0-2).


The Warrior’s next game is against Cheyenne Mountain, who has only won one game so far this season, which came against Fossil Ridge (0-8). Hopefully the Warriors can find their stride against another struggling program. Both Arapahoe and Cheyenne Mountain have lost to many of the same teams, which makes them relatively even opponents. We will see how this game turns out and whether or not the Warrior girls can score their first goal or win their first game. Despite our struggles, be patient, as this program is up and coming and can only improve.