Ravenous for Ramen?

Courtney Brown, Journalist

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A simple packet of ramen with hot water and powdered chicken leaves much to be desired. Try these simple add-ins of dynamic flavor combinations to make a complete ramen meal.

The Simple Thai Hipster:

Soy sauce, peanut butter, and sriracha.

Spicy and salty, these three simple ingredients make an Asian five-star meal.   

The Ramen that Tastes Like Chipotle:

Chicken, bacon, lime, cilantro, and avocado.

An Arapahoe favorite, the classic taste of Chipotle can be replicated with cilantro lime ramen.

The Meat-Free in Roma:

Tofu, red sauce, butter, capers, garlic powder, and basil.

Pasta should be prepared Italian style, even if it’s ramen. This recipe has everything that makes an Italian meal, with traditional garlic and basil, and capers for extra salt.

The Kylie Jenner:

Egg(s). Add it raw or boiled or fried or scrambled, ramen goes great with eggs.

And just as Kylie shared with the world, don’t forget to take tweet about it after.

The- I Have a Test Next Period and I Need Brain Power:

Fish (Tuna, halibut, cod…), crushed pita chips, cheese (sharp cheddar), and broccoli.

This is the top way to make ramen healthy, with brain function improved by fish oil and crunchy broccoli for all your vegetable needs.                                 The Carnivore:

Steak, olive oil, bok choy (or substitute with celery), lemon, and red pepper flakes

For the strong who power past lemon zest and hot pepper, and the refined who enjoy a steak medium rare and their greens exotic.

Mix and match ingredients, making sure to include as many food groups as possible, using Ramen as a staple, not the entire meal. Go for flare and make every meal beautiful, then share what works with friends, and leave a comment below!


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Ravenous for Ramen?