So You’re a Freshman..

Chiara Kovar, Reporter

So, we are halfway through first semester. How does it feel? I know you’ve probably had to deal with all the older kids pushing you around and telling you to move faster, but hopefully you aren’t taking it to heart. Hopefully you have found your niche in high school, and your friends. We are halfway through but here are some tips to help you get through the rest of the semester, and maybe the rest of high school.

  • If you are still bringing up drama from middle school. Stop. The first day of high school you should have left everything that happened in middle school, in middle school.
  • Try not to overload your schedule. Even the most organized and experienced people get stressed when they have too much on their plate.
  • Branch out and try to meet new people. You can stay in your comfort zone when it comes to friends, but at least try. Upper-classmen really are not that scary.
  • Try and get into different clubs, do something fun! Sitting around in classes and having nothing you are passionate about, high school will be extremely boring for you
  • Just chill out and have fun, be yourself and you’ll find your group.
  • Accept who you are and learn to love yourself, you are great and you will find your people.
  • Do not stress!! Take care of classes that come first, first.
  • Find a good study place and a good way to study that will work for you

Now is the time to pay attention to your grades. We are halfway through first semester. If you have bad grades it’s time to get them up. It may seem like freshman year is your last year to mess around and not pay attention but it still counts. Colleges will look at your first three years of high school to determine whether or not you will do well in their school. 

This year will go by fast, so finish your homework, go to class and make some memories.