Presenting the Whole Election: Election Night


Credit: NBC News

Nathan Holmes, Author

Tonight, November 8th, is Election Night. This night determines America’s leader for the next four years, and either way hearts will be broken. The road to 270 is turning into a path to the White House for one candidate, and a cliff for the other. Two hundred and seventy is what each candidate needs to move on, but what will decide that? Many states are swinging in the balance, so anything could change everything.

One of those states is our own state of Colorado (9 electoral votes). Colorado is supposed to be a democratic state, but normally Colorado is a swing state, and with Trump’s popularity rising, Colorado could be the state that shocks everyone.

Colorado could be the state that shocks everyone.”

— Nathan Holmes

Another one of these states is Ohio (18 electoral votes). Ohio voted democratic in 2012, but Trump’s support in Ohio is rising, so whether he takes the crucial state or not could decide the winner.

Clinton can’t lose Florida (29 electoral votes). Florida is the most crucial swing state in the U.S., with a whopping 29 electoral votes. Whoever wins this state will most likely win the election, as it will bump one candidate from 241 to the needed 270. Florida voted democratically in 2012, so Clinton can not lose this state, or else she might lose the election.

Florida is the most crucial swing state in the U.S., with a whopping 29 electoral votes.”

— Nathan Holmes

Iowa (6 electoral votes) is leaning toward Trump, but if Clinton could grasp the state from his hands it could only help her.

Two states side by side, North Carolina (15 electoral votes) and Virginia (13 electoral votes) could also swing this election. Mitt Romney claimed these states in 2012, but these states are always up for grabs. These are a must-win for Trump. Clinton lives in Washington D.C., by that area, so she has a lot of influence in the area, and therefore Trump must take them from her.


All in all, this election has been crazy, but all crazy things must come to an end. Whichever way the states fall will determine America’s leader for the next four years. This column must now come to an end, so let’s hope America survives until 2020!