What a Beautiful Morning


Last Wednesday was a beautiful morning. Maybe one of the best I’ve ever had. As I get up, I look out my window and watch the sunrise. After that, I walk to living room. I turn on the T.V and find out that Mr. Trump has won the election!

I have been waiting eight years for this. I was thinking President-elect Trump would lose, but now we have the results and now know President-elect Trump has won. The next four years will be amazing. The economy will be booming, our border will have improvements, and our allies and enemies will respect us more than ever.

The Republicans now have the House, Senate, and the Presidency. The last time something like this occurred was in the year of 2007. Since we have a somewhat conservative president in the White House and control the Senate and House, President-elect Trump will be able to get many things accomplished. I hope people stay open minded and stay positive. A lot of the American public (especially the younger generation) have not seen a conservative in office. The last truly conservative president was Ronald Reagan. That was about 25 years ago. I hope President-elect Trump does his job and rebuilds the economy. If he does that he will win a second term.

If President-elect Trump can keep his promise, good things will happen (in my mind anyway) economically and for the safety of our country. Lots of people will be mad but once they see our economy grow they will understand what President elect-Trump was talking about. As long as we stay calm and patient good things will come. We have great things in our future. This president will Make America Great Again!