Discussions for Change Vol. 1

Clayton Cain and David J Debonis

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In the wake of this election season an angry America felt unfairly represented by both major parties and their candidates. Young people are eager to become politically active, and often talk and share ideas about their political beliefs. Most teenagers do not have the same values as the adults of today. This generation of young people understands the pressing issues of wealth, water, and food inequality that will soon be dwarfed by the catastrophic effects of climate change. A new generation with new ideas and belief systems is coming. The ideas will spread, people will stand, and change will come. This conversation features two young people eager to have the world change. These are their opinions:


Clayton: Why do people seem to love capitalism?


David: Most people who claim to love capitalism do not realize how much the system has extorted them. Capitalism only supports the upper class by extorting those who are lower on the social/economic structure. A majority of the people in The United States do not realize that capitalism is the reason for the major class inequality in America, and many other countries across the world.

I have heard many defenses for the capitalist system. Many people will argue that capitalism is “natural Darwinism,” because it is based around competition. Although competition is part of human nature, it only turns the people of a society against each other, and therefore it should not be embraced in a large scale economic system. Most people who claim to love capitalism do not realize how much of the ‘Fruit’ of their labor (the product and profit) has been stolen by the rich, bourgeois, upper class for their own personal enjoyment. The people have been tricked into loving capitalism because it is the only system they have ever known.


David: Why is there such a misconception about capitalism?


Clayton: The capitalist system’s main weapon is greed and envy. 8.7% of the world holds 84.6% of the world’s total wealth. The lower classes are told that a capitalist system is the only way to rise up economic caste system, but they fail to mention that 99% of the population will never reach the top caste. The rich use media and propaganda to perpetuate this plutonomy, and they have convinced the people that a system with economic classes is fine as long as you have a chance to move within the classes.  This is a failed logic. Capitalism is only responsible for division and competition. It encourages the dismantling and defeat of one’s competitors. It is for the business owner not the worker. The reality of it is most of us are workers.


Clayton: How do we convince America to let go of this system?


David: Capitalism extorts the workers– those who make up a large percentage of the country– in the same way that serfdom and slavery extorted peasants and slaves until the last century. The Capital system that The United States embodies was built on imperialism and slavery that originated in Feudal Europe. It is vital that we educate the people about the downfalls of capitalism. Everyone must understand that capitalism is legalized slavery, and it causes an extreme amount of social, political, and economic inequality in the State.


The issue with this is that most people have been taught that capitalism is the ideal system. Not only this, but many are completely close minded to any change in economic and political systems, because they have been wrongly taught that the current system is the only one. The Education System and the media are just a few sources of this mass brainwashing that is seen, especially in The United States. The capitalist system will always use manipulation and force to protect its position in society. If the people come to understand that the system only values the top 10%, then eventually they will be willing let go of this oppressive economic system. Although this general understanding is the first step, it takes further action by the people to reconstruct these broken ideals.


David: What are some political, social, and economic philosophies that need to be embraced in America?


Clayton: The world is in an odd period because we are in the midst of a mass globalization effort, that is being combatted by rich isolationists. The advent of social media allows the working class to talk to the working class without having to go through the media. But the isolationist are fighting an impossible battle. Ideas about group success and basic human rights for all are spreading like wildfire. The capitalists always have tried to make a monster out of socialism, but socialism is about making things more even. (Which is why it’s so confusing when people try to say capitalism is about equality.) Socialism assures that everyone has some success, not just the people who dominate in business. In socialism, we make sure that people have access to food, medical care, housing, and work. The rich may not be able to be as wealthy, but the planet was not made so that a select few could live a heaven on earth.


Clayton: What is the biggest issue in the world today, and how do we fix it?


David: There are two primary issues that mankind is facing that are detrimental to the human race: total inequality, and the destruction of the planet.


Primarily we see that people across the world have developed a mindset that everyone is not the same. This is a horrible perspective, and it has caused immense conflict on Earth. Despite that we are all human, people have split themselves into classes and turned against each other, based on irrelevant characteristics such as race, religion, social class, and gender. The current systems that are employed in The United States have destroyed the lives of millions, yet the people are still blind to the source of their oppression. All men and women are created equal, and it is time everyone is honored with the right to complete justice and equality.

Secondly, the complete destruction of the planet by human action is real, relevant, and is not as far as it seems. Fossil Fuels power our massive society (Population: 7 billion), but they are also responsible for the massive amount of air pollution that is the cause of Global Warming. Capitalism influences extreme amounts of overproduction, which therefore creates a large amount of waste. I am horrified at the fact that we elected Donald Trump into the most powerful office in the world, for he denies the existence of this global destruction. Science has proved the destructive effects of our actions, but he still rejects a proven fact because he supports the capitalist enterprise of the fossil fuel industry. The President of The United States stands as the symbol for the country, and The Donald’s election merely symbolizes the environmental desolation that is influenced by the current economic and political systems.


This is the only planet known to man that can sustain human life, and it is essential that we preserve it for the existence of mankind. In order to overcome these major issues, the people of the earth need to unite as one, for the greater good of the Planet Earth, and Mankind as a whole.


David: What industry had been poisoned most by this capitalist system?


Clayton: The medical insurance and pharmaceutical industries are the heart of the capitalist monster. The job of the medical insurance industry is to have people pay in small incraments so when the actual issues occur, the bills will not financially cripple the victim. But this is not the case, the insurance companies realized that helping people was not in their best interests. In order to IMPROVE PROFITS, the industry turned into a collection of bottom feeders that use other’s misfortunes to make a quick buck. The companies do not have to insure people with pre-existing conditions or people that lack adequate funds. a serious medical issue will cost the victim a ridiculous amount of money, and they often sell worker life insurance policies to companies. These life insurance policies are often called dead peasant policies and the are most often taken out on young workers who work small replaceable jobs. It is illegal for me to take flood insurance out on your house cause then I have a vested interest in your house flooding. How come they can have a vested interest in my death? A list of companies who buy these policies can be found here. The pharmaceutical industry is riddled with greed. It is believed by many in the medical industry that major diseases, like cancer, have been cured, but the cures have not been released because treating the diseases is more financially advantageous. Also, their perpetual promotion of painkillers has made opioid abuse levels rise to an epidemic proportion. There are pills to help with the side effects of other pills that help with the side effect of the original medication. The industry monopoly has allowed the drug makers to continually raise prices and make being healthy not possible if one is poor. My grandparents take 10 or 11 pills every day; the cost of these medications has greatly affected their retirement savings. Money will never be more important than ANY person’s health, no matter what capitalism may tell you.


Clayton and DJ: Concluding thoughts:


The United States has reached a point where major change is no longer an option. The fate of the country, the planet, and the human race is completely dependent on the actions that we take right now. Over the last year, we have seen an eruption of discontent for a variety of corruptions we are facing. It is obvious that the people are ready for a large-scale change, but the change will not come without our own contributions and activism. We need to come together to defeat the evils in our world, because when it comes down to it, we are all on the same team. TEAM EARTH!


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