What Sickness is Spreading through Arapahoe’s Halls?


Olivia Janicek, Spear Contributor

Have you noticed it? The soft undertone of coughing echoing in the hallways? Tissues filling up trashcans to the brim? The empty seats like solemn craters in the classrooms, remarking every student absence? A certain cold has arrived at Arapahoe. Breaching the airways and haunting on door handles. Being a victim of it myself, I can tell you, it’s no fun.

What is it exactly?

There is no one version of the virus currently responsible for so many student absences. For me, the day was a week long kind of thing which caused me to miss a day of school. Low grade fever, chills, stuffy nose, coughing but it first made its appearance in a sore throat. It’s recognizable; many people earning the trophy of a cracking voice and foggy lungs that just makes them sound like they’re not feeling to great. There are other reports of Bronchitis, but it’s likely this is just a more serious version of the cold.

Yikes. Will I catch it?

In school, it’s hard to avoid an illness. Yet with a hearty immune system and lots of caution, someone can dodge ‘the sniffles’. Main things include hand washing, not drinking off of someone else’s drink, and all the basic things. I have a weak immune system and tend to get sick at least once a month. So as soon as I noticed the virus attacking the hallways, I was sure I was going to catch it. I did. But I have several friends who have successfully survived this far.

Tips on how I should deal with being sick?

Tip numero uno: Stay home. All the teachers will tell you, that if you have a fever or just feel completely horrible, it’s best to just stay home. Suffering through it by sitting in your classes will just result in further extending the length of your cold. Go home. Relax. Sleep. And use the time to refuel. Two: If you can attend school, don’t overwork yourself. Don’t talk a lot, your lungs will get tired and you will end up with the scratchy, ill voice. Drink lots of liquids. (Larkburger does have free drinks!) Treat yourself to some froyo from Yogurtland. In the end, take it easy and try not to spread the virus. 

Stress can only make you sicker. ”

— Olivia Janicek

I have to miss school…

For some high school students, this sends them into a panic attack. Everyone knows that missing a day of school can often mean a lot of makeup work. But don’t fret. Everything will be okay. I got the flu during finals, and turned out just fine. Communicate with your teachers, get done work when you feel up to it, and take a deep breath. Stress will only make you sicker.