Invaded Review (Alienated Book 2)

Invaded Review (Alienated Book 2)

Taylor Jaeger, Spear Reporter

Page count 356

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, YA


(Includes some spoilers for the first book in the summary)


“Cara always knew life on planet L’eihr would be an Adjustment”- Author Summary


While Aelyx, Cara’s Lheir boyfriend, is stuck on Earth trying to amend what is left of the broken alliance, Cara is left to fend for herself on the foreign plant from which he came. Cara is the key to the alliance, a sort of ransom. The way, basically the government, is holding her until Aelyx finds a way to make the humans trust him. Cara has to attend a school full of human-hating clones/aliens that have no desire to meet her or any human, she has to stay in a dorm with Aelyx’s ‘sister’ her only true friend. When Cara is appointed the human representative to a panel that is preparing for a human colony on Lheir things start looking up. But as the panel starts taking away the most basic freedoms, Cara questions whether or not she can truly be happy on this planet. Down on Earth, Aelyx gets involved in a full blown campaign to repair the human-L’heir relations that he destroyed. When the leaders of his world start getting desperate for to get the humans on their side, Aelyx gets confused as to why The Way needs human help and what they will ask for in return.


Compelling Summary for a compelling book. If you’re interested in reading my review of the first book in the series before this one, you can find it here. Now, this is a series that I enjoy. I like the plot ideas and I personally find them very interesting. I enjoy the concept of the books, and the covers. To get to the point, I really enjoyed this story. Dare I say I enjoyed it as much, if not more than the first. I know that second books in series usually have a bad wrap and that they usually don’t live up to the success of the first book, but I know that this book was amazing.  


In this book, the plot focused mostly on the aspect of how Cara and Aelyx are able to live on each others worlds because of what has happened in the first book. I really enjoyed seeing both of them struggle to maintain themselves as they go about their lives in such foreign ways. I think that I mostly enjoyed seeing how Cara was on L’eihr, the alien planet.


I enjoyed learning about what happens on L’eihr and how they go about their everyday lives compared to how people go about their everyday lives on earth. Seeing, or reading, how different the L’eihrs are compared to humans is very cool to me. The dynamic between how Cara acted and how the other L’eihrs acted was amazing. Cara having to alter her diet, and be pushed way beyond natural human limits to fit in was really amazing to me. I love the differences between both races.


On Earth, seeing Aelyx and his friend Syrine try and behave normally was sort of amusing to me, they tried to fit in with the humans and in doing so they were turned into celebrities, fans wanting them to sign autographs, take pictures, mobbing around them even if it’s unnecessary. I liked seeing that they had difficulties that they couldn’t control and that they had to face themselves, such as multiple attempts on their lives and seeing people who they wish they could save but not having the ability to. I enjoyed seeing the human side of the L’eihrs.


Another thing that I liked about the book was that it gave the L’eihrs a history. It talked about what they were as a race and how they are so advanced in basically everything. I enjoyed that they had a historian in the L’eihr race that enjoyed theories of what they have done as a species and how they think they evolved. One of the theories that I enjoyed was that another Alien race abducted a group of humans and put them on L’eihr along with some of their own technology just so they could see how both races evolved, which would mean that both races are related, which would explain the similar DNA between the species.


Now, the negatives. I think that the book could have done better at describing the foreign planet, in the first book it loosely described the colors but in this book it doesn’t really mention them. I think that it should have also done a better job at describing the colony that the people from earth would be living on. It describes small details about it such as it being near an ocean, having apartments, and a small street that goes through the town, but I really would have liked to know what the people would be doing in the colony. What do they do when they don’t work? How do they try to sustain themselves with food, water, health etc? I hope that these details are covered in the third book that should be more about the colony.


Also, another minor negative I would like to mention would be not knowing much about the third alien race that gets involved towards the middle of the story. You don’t really get to know the much, you hear theories that revolve around them but you never hear anything solidifying them. I hope that it is discussed in the next book.



More character development

Amazing storyline that evolves as the story moves towards the end

Cool new characters that develop nicely

Nice differences between how the races act on their own planets

Cool dynamic between the L’eihrs and the Humans that interact



Not enough detail on the planet and its ecosystems

Not enough detail about how the humans will survive on the colony

Not enough Alien interaction

Not enough information about other Aliens

Would have loved to know more about the L’eihrs as people
If you decide to read this series, I hope you enjoy!