Trump’s Steak Dilemma Would Make Gordon Ramsay Cry

A Food-Crime.

Jonathan Asphaug, Writer

Wakey wake, ruin a steaky?

The president is our president, like him or hate him. Regardless he has said (and done) some interesting and unusual things throughout his race for the presidency. However it cannot be denied that the most audacious thing he has done his entire first few weeks has to be what happened this last weekend at a famous steak house in Trump’s New York Tower called BLT Prime run by chef David Burke. 

One of the best steak styles invented
Juicy New York Strip

Lets get into the issue: Trump likes steak. We all like steak. However, Trump chooses to ruin his steak when he eats it. Common among elderly people, the older you get after about 50, the more well done you like your steak. Trump likes his steak rock hard done. Charred to a crisp well done. Trump eats steak and potatoes now more than he ever has because the white house chefs will prepare it for him, and is a nice step up from the immense amount of fast food he consumed during the presidential race. However, as disconcerting as that may be, that is not the real issue with how Trump eats his steak. No no, this is just the beginning. Trump has committed one of the quintessential food-crimes of the century. It is inexcusable, and outright wrong.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE: dmmmm dmmmm dmmmmm

 Trump ate $50 28-day New York Strip – With KETCHUP. Let that sink in……

For ruining steak
Heinz Ketchup (or Catsup if your a Communist)



Take a perfectly delicious, juicy, gourmet steak that most people would only hope to try in their lifetime, inhale the delicious meat fumes peeling off the surface of the meat. BURN. IT. AND. PUT. KETCHUP. ON. IT!? This is a clearly a bipartisan issue, and should be the main reason that people are protesting against Trump. This outrageous act of Food-crime is enough to make Gordon Ramsay cry himself to sleep, and had many concerned steak-enthusiasts and backyard grill-masters up in arms.