Dos and Don’ts of Prom


Abby Caster, Author

DO                                                                                                                         DON’T

  • Keep your beauty routine consistent – in the two weeks leading up to prom, keep your beauty routine consistent and do not make any major changes. Now is not the time to try out a new pimple or anti-aging cream because you do not want to develop a reaction, leaving your skin red and irritated.
  • Wax your brows at least a day in advance – brows are a big part of your look, so that is why you should wax your brows at least 24 hours in advance. This will insure your skin has enough time to calm down if you tend to get any redness or sensitivity.
  • Eat the right foods to reduce bloating – No girl wants to feel bloated, especially on the night of prom! Stick to foods that reduce bloating and avoid food that causes it. Cucumbers, vegetables, grapes, greek yogurt, watermelon, avocados, and almonds are all great choices to reduce bloating. You should stay clear of foods such as coffee, salt, artificial sweeteners, junk food, dairy, and fizzy drinks.
  • Get enough sleep the week prior to prom – Sometimes it is hard to get enough sleep, especially when you have school work, athletics, a job, and you have so much to do to get ready for prom. You need enough sleep to keep your skin healthier and your mind more positive. If you do not get enough sleep, you will be moody and irritable. Not getting enough sleep will also contribute to weight gain. Teenagers should be getting 8-10 hours of sleep each night.
  • Stay away from the tanning booth – in many states, they have now made it illegal for minors to use artificial UV beds to tan. In Colorado, there are no laws restricting teens from tanning, but it is not advised. Research shows that overexposure to UV rays throughout childhood greatly increase the chances of skin cancer or uneven skin tones later in life. Therefor, getting a spray tan or applying a self tanning lotion is definitely your best bet.
  • Do not gorge or starve yourself the day of prom – On the day of prom, make sure to eat, but pay attention to what you eat. If you eat excess amounts of food, you will feel lethargic by the time the evening rolls around. You will also be too full to dance or have fun all night. On the other hand, if you avoid food all day, you will be cranky, light headed, and your cravings for junk food will go through the roof. Do yourself and your date a favor and eat healthily in the weeks leading to prom.
Remember: Eating less carbs will not help you lose weight alone. You will not lose weight if you over do it. Strike a balance between food and exercise. Instead of going for crash diets, try to change your lifestyle and food habits slowly. In short, keep your goal of getting healthier simple and realistic.
  • Do not do drugs or drink alcohol on the night of prom – Do not ruin the most memorable night of high school. You do not need to be intoxicated to have a good time. Make memories you will be able to remember! You are responsible for your actions and do not let bad decisions ruin your night.