How to not hate writing

Lea Wolff, Staff Writer

I have a confessions I hate writing or I at least use to (up until a month ago). I use to look at my assignments for my English class due the next day and groan to myself as I would have to work through this task that we like to call writing. I fortunately like anything in life got through it and now I enjoy this form of self expression.

I do not mean to be shaming my English teachers but they have been teaching me to write the wrong way for so long that I hated it. They made me write for them not for myself. It made it that much harder to come up with this block of text that did not feel like me anymore.

Writing should not be looked upon as a task but rather as a form of self expression. The problem with me and writing was that I looked at as a task that if I had the choice, I would rather not complete.

You still will have to write certain prompts for your English class that you may or may not like. If you can make it your own and not what anyone else wants to hear.

So for everyone that hates writing out there write more. That does not mean to write a certain way or to write so that others can put your writing in a box. Otherwise, you will hate what you have written because you cannot truly claim it as your own.