Girls Hoops Face Tough Challenge Against Cherry Creek


Henry Kline, Reporter

When and Where: The Arapahoe Lady Hoops visited Cherry Creek High School last Friday night at 5:30.


What Happened:  After a hard fought four quarters, the stingy Cherry Creek defense prevailed as the Bruins triumph 55-38. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Warriors outscored Creek, but it was sadly too little, too late. Big plays from both Mia Middleton and Maggie Wortman kept the Warriors in the game, and while the defense was as tight as in games past, Cherry Creek’s star offense made plays available in the tricky conditions. In the first three quarters Cherry Creek were dominant on the boards getting more of both offensive and defensive rebounds. In the final quarter Warriors started grabbing more rebounds which is positively reflected in the box score.


Key Players: Stanford commit Jana Van Gytenbeek’s 20 points, 5 assists, and 7 rebounds put the Warriors in a hole from the beginning. Her ability to find key passes in the right moments, proves why she is one of the best players in the Centennial League.


Play of the Game: Back to back contested threes from Senior, Maggie Wortman showcased both her range and her ability to hit shots in tough coverage, with a tough remaining schedule, look for big plays from Wortman to win games.


Technical Masterpiece: Cherry Creek was very quick to get back on defense and it was clear the Bruins used this as an offensive weapon, when Creek was able to set up on defense before the Warriors had a chance to run any sort of play, it often resulted in turnovers and pass interceptions that proved costly on the break.


Next Up: The Warriors face Smoky Hill this afternoon and are looking to improve their record in Centennial League play.