The 4 Best Things About This Year’s Superbowl

The 4 Best Things About This Years Superbowl

1. The Game

Even if you’re a diehard Brady fan, you can probably agree that this year’s game was far from uninteresting. Throughout the first half, the Eagles strode across the Patriots with impeccable catches and impeccable throws. By the second half, everyone wondered the same thing. Would the Pats pull through? Notorious for their wild comebacks and complete fourth quarter beatdowns, it seemed the Eagles would have none of it. After finally sacking Brady in the fourth, the Superbowl’s fate was sealed. The total underdog team, complete with a backup quarterback, pulled ahead and earned their first Lombardi trophy.

2. The Tide Commercial (s)

Likely reeling from the Tide Pods fiasco, Tide need to regain status and respect. And…. they did. By hacking the Superbowl. Tide’s ads this year featured David Harbour (Stranger Things) once… twice… and three times. The initial promo featured his manifesto and theory that every Superbowl ad was actually a Tide ad. All because the clothes on the actors within were so clean. While the first commercial earned a soft chuckle, it wasn’t that memorable. The next break, Harbour was back, this time, hijacking an Old Spice ad. It appeared as it had a year or two ago, a man on a horse on a beach, only this time, it panned back to reveal Harbour on the steed. This happened countless times. After impersonating Budweiser’s classic and typical Clydesdale ad, every medical commercial out there, and more, Harbour and Tide finessed their way to Superbowl stardom.

3. The Justin Timberlake Kid 

Photo by @RyanMckenn on Instagram


Sure, Justin Timberlake was great, which was totally expected. While he put on quite the show, the true entertainment arose when he fled up a staircase and into the crowd. As he finished off his last song, he took a selfie with a thirteen year old Patriots fan, Ryan McKenna. Yet just after the photo and the finale, McKenna seemed too focused with his phone to actually and fully acknowledge Justin Timberlake. He told ABC that he was actually having technical issues, yet it was too late. The memes rose in less than an hour and the internet nicknamed him “Superbowl Selfie Kid”. May he never be forgotten.

4.  Bud Light’s Bet with Philadelphia

Long ago, Lane Johnson promised beer for everybody if the Eagles won the Superbowl. BudLight later tweeted out that they wanted in on the action, and promised a beer to everyone in Philly if the Eagles did succeed. This was before the birds even had an opportunity to take home the 62nd Lombardi trophy. On February 4th, 2018, however, the Eagles beat the Patriots in the arguably most stunning matchup of the season. One could only see the BudLight PR reps shaking their heads in anxiety. But… BudLight pulled through. Inspired by their medieval ad campaign (“Dilly Dilly!”), the company released a royal decree saying that BudLight would be available at bars along the parade path (to those 21 and older). They even called the evening, “Philly Philly Day!”, in honor.

BONUS!: This Is Us Superbowl Episode

For all NBC This Is Us fans, last night marked a historic moment. Parties and guacamole were traded for tissues and chocolate as viewers prepared to face one of the saddest moments in television history. Full of twists and turns (I can only say so much without spoilers), the show left over a million watchers in tears. Still, the episode wasn’t overly dramatic and the director certainly didn’t abandon his touch. It still offered epic storylines, impeccable shocks, and delicate heart-to-heart moments. Just like the Superbowl, it was utterly unforgettable.