Homecoming’s Changes


The Arapahoe High School homecoming, Dancin’ Through the Decades, on September 15, 2018, will take place in the auxiliary gym from 8:00 to 10:00 pm, featuring new games, a lounge, and decorations.


Instead of entering from the athletic entrance, students will come through the forum doors on the North side of the building. Walking through the trophy hallway, students will encounter decorations resembling the different decades. The decorations will not be taken from the homecoming parade this year like they usually are: instead decorations are being bought so that the theme, Dancing’ Through the Decades, is more accurate and more appealing.


Due to feedback from past years, the homecoming dance will be held in the auxiliary gym rather than the main gym, similar to the back to school dance, due to size. Keeping the dance in the auxiliary will keep everything efficient and will allow Student Council to do everything they want to do.


Changes have been made to the homecoming dance because, “The whole idea is to re-imagine the dance. We want students to feel welcome and enjoy the night”, as said by Mrs. Price.

New adjustments made to the dance include a DJ, outdoor lounge areas with games, indoor rooms with games, water, and sweet treats scattered throughout the dance.


Changes are also being made because,the student body would get so excited during the week of homecoming, but then not come to the actual dance,” said the sophomore class president, Matthew Becker.


In the words of Mrs. Jacqueline Price, “The Student Council kids are working hard to plan a special evening for their classmates. We can’t wait to see Warriors attend the dance and have a blast!” The homecoming dance will feature many new changes in hopes of creating a special night for the student body.