New Semester, New Attitude

Hannah Larsen, Reporter

Even though staying inside all day, under the covers, watching Netflix sounds very appealing, we had to come back to school.

The dreadfulness of returning to school may seem overwhelming, keeping us in the state of forgetfulness. We are absent minded to how great and beneficial coming back to school can actually be.

Grades are new and are ready to be destroyed. Or maybe you will take the opportunity to fix them.

Not only can your grades get better but so can your attitude on school. Think of it as a way to connect socially with friends, learn more than you already know, and set yourself up for a better future.

Being in school isn’t always the most fulfilling idea in life, but soon we will be off into the real world without the cushion of high school to help catch us when we fall.

It may take some time to see the good over the bad, but for now, we all need to see are the greatest things about school to help overpower our strong sense to quit already.