New Year’s Resolutions: Helpful or Harmful?

Allie Highsmith, Herald Reporter

January 21

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By making a New Year’s Resolution, most people believe that they will really follow through with what they have promised themselves and improve as a person. Resolutions often work, if the person is committed to what they have...

Our Testing System is Broken

Hayden Peirce, Copy Editor

December 21

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As high schoolers, we all have to deal with the burden of tests. From quizzes to final exams, tests are used as the primary tool to assess students in almost every class. The question that surrounds testing is whether or not tests...

Dear Freshman: Our Fear of the Unknown – FINALS

Lauren David, Reporter

December 21

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Dear Freshmen,   It’s the most wonderful time of the year...and the worst. Finals are here and the weight of it all is setting in. Many of us started studying weeks ago in paranoia, while others waited until the last m...