13th Floor Isn’t Scary


Lily Stinton, Reporter

Imagine being trapped in total darkness and pursuing your way through a maze. People with crazy makeup and Halloween costumes will touch and jump scare you at every corner. It seems scary, right? Especially when you have one glow stick that truly does nothing to help your case and half your friends are gripping onto your jacket in fear for their lives. It sounds scary, but when your coping mechanism with haunted houses is cracking jokes, telling the dead ice cream man you need a job and telling the guy who’s chasing you with a chainsaw “I bet you’re cute,” it doesn’t seem all that bad. 


On November 8th and 9th, 13th Floor had a special two-day blackout night. One glowstick was permitted for every group that attempted to weave their way through a maze of the unknown where ghoulish monsters lurk at every corner. This was my first time experiencing the 13th-floor horror, and I’ve gotta say, some Disney Halloween movies were scarier.


Horror is my favourite genre of movies and the special effects people created truly fascinate me, so this was a little sad for me. The mirror maze was just annoying to get through, but the hallway (I’m guessing, I couldn’t see anything hence the blackout) which had hanging bodies was pretty cool, I guess. The coolest “scary” person, I would have to say, was the guy who had a light-up purge mask with a chainsaw.  I asked him where he got the mask but he wouldn’t tell me, unfortunately. The guy that I thought was a demented scarecrow was pretty chill too, I suppose. He grabbed my shoulder and told my group to go through this secret entryway, which started shaking so in response I started to jump and it felt like a trampoline so I guess I got my exercise for the night. 


Unless you’re terrified of everything, I strongly recommend this spooky special for a fun night with friends, but if you’re a horror fan like myself, try somewhere else.  Although the themes were cool in retrospect, 13th Floor should really step up their game.