2019 Warrior Regatta


On Monday, November 11, 2019, during TRIBE, Mrs. Marron’s physics classes participated in the 2019 Warrior Regatta.

Her students were faced with a challenge: to build a boat that can support at least one passenger across Arapahoe’s pool made of only cardboard, duct tape, and trash bags. Students used their knowledge of forces to accurately build a boat that would support them.

17 boats participated in this year’s event. Students first had to successfully cross the pool, using paddles to row their boats across while inside. The boats that successfully crossed then competed in class races, only this time they had to use their hands to paddle across.

Students were also assessed on their design ratio (weight of occupants/weight of boat) and their speed ratio (weight of occupants/time).

In Mrs. Marron’s second hour class, Boat with a Spoiler had the highest design ratio and Flothaefin had the highest speed ratio. In the class race, La Buoyonce placed 1st, an unnamed boat captained by Aiden Kirk placed 2nd, and Flothaefin placed 3rd.

In Mrs. Marron’s sixth hour class, Margo had the highest design ratio and Big Hoss had the highest speed ratio. In the class race, BORN placed 1st, Big Hoss placed 2nd, and Noah’s Ark placed 3rd.