Flashback Friday 12/6

Lauren McClard and Genna Rump

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It’s Flashback Friday! This week we’re taking a look at the fourth yearbook for Arapahoe High School: the 1967 Calumet. Proof of the first ever pool at Arapahoe is held within the 1967 Calumet and shows the beginning of the swimming program at Arapahoe.

At the beginning of the yearbook, a short message from the principle of Arapahoe, Mr. John J. Knipping, said, “Our facilities are now complete with the addition of our swimming pool and fine arts complex.” This was an exciting moment for both the students and staff of Arapahoe. The addition of the pool allowed students to learn, practice, and compete in swimming, teaching vital safety skills. Today, students have never known Arapahoe to be without a pool. Can you imagine Arapahoe without its Water Warriors?

As time has passed, the school’s image has changed drastically. Be sure to check in every Friday to see what new flashbacks we find!