Mac Miller’s new album

Jack DeBaggis, Author

With the recent drop of the new album, Circles, from the deceased rapper Mac Miller, we get an in-depth look into the mid-state before his passing. Shortly before Mac Passing away he had taken a mix of cocaine, fentanyl, and alcohol. Mac was very talented as in how he could play drums, piano, guitar, etc. He also produced records under the name Larry Fisherman. Mac was raised Jewish in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and he first got into hip hop/ rap when he was fifteen years old.

Mac Miller’s music has always felt different. When you listened to it’s like they had a story to it, you can tell they were connected albums. Hence the two names first one: Swimming and the second: Circles. Another reason his music was so different than any other music is that he could switch it up and make it a sad song while making it sound “hype” for example, Weekend. The final thing that I want to say about his music is that he can make every song connected to something in his life because he has been through so much.

Personally, I feel like the songs in the album are very good. You have to like the beat to them and know there more slow-paced songs. Another part about the album is that it wasn’t like his other music. I feel like the lyrics on this album Circles have more meaning than the other albums, songs, or other things he has produced. I appreciate how seamlessly Mac has connected the two albums. In his song “Good News,” Miller says “Why I gotta build something so beautiful to set it fire,” and I think this could mean a lot of things, such as how most artists create a good song and fans want more, but they always want it to be better than the one before and I think that could not be more than the truth. 

In conclusion, I would rate this album a 3 out of 5 because although the lyrics are great and they all have meaning, I do feel like that it could have been more upbeat and less sad. The whole album, every single one was kinda sad and just slow.