Flashback Friday 2/14

Flashback Friday 2/14

Lauren McClard and Genna Rump

It’s Flashback Friday! This week we’re taking a look at the eleventh yearbook for Arapahoe High School: the 1974 Calumet. This yearbook documents a teacher strike that occured after Christmas break. 

For over two days, teachers endured subzero temperatures, determined to not have their wages cut. School was canceled due to the lack of staff and students showed their support by serving hot beverages to the teachers in the cold. Students were unsure how long the strike would last, and were left wondering if they would return to school the next day or the next week. In the end, the teachers achieved their goal after a two and a half day strike, and school commenced. 

The problems the teachers were facing in 1974 are similar to the problems today. Teachers are still experiencing the negative effects of budget cuts on their contracts and salaries. What would you do to support the AHS teachers if another strike took place?

Every week we’ll look at Arapahoe’s past yearbooks for contrasts to the Arapahoe we know today. Be sure to check in every Friday to see what new flashbacks we find!