Haters Guide To The Career Of Mike Tyson 1985-2020

Mike Tyson is considered by a portion of the boxing community to be the greatest boxer that ever fought in the ring to this day. In the prime of his career, and still now, Mike Tyson was a cultural Icon. People that didn’t even watch boxing knew who Mike Tyson was. His Aura, his power, his ferocity, his lethal punch combos, and his face tattoo made him a legend.


Michael Gerard Tyson was born in a small neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York called Brownsville. He was brought up by His father Jimmy Kirkpatrick, and his mother Lorna Smith. By the time he was 13, he had been arrested 38 times!!! Crazy right. And as a child, he often fought those who made fun of his high pitched voice and lisp.

At the age of 12, a legendary man by the name of Constantine D’amato. Also known as Cus, Constantine D’amato was a legendary manager and trainer, who has trained the legendary likes of Floyd Patterson and Mike Tyson.


March 6, 1985

Mike Tyson began his professional career on March 6, 1985 against Hector Mercedes. At the time of the fight, Mercedes was 0-2 in previous professional fights, losing his previous two fights to Gary Gibbs and Jerry Laflamme The fight took place at the Plaza Convention center in Albany, New York. Mike was a young buck, only 18 years and 245 days old. He won the fight in the first round, after only 105 total seconds in the ring.


May 23, 1985

Mike’s  fight with Don Halpin would be his longest fight until his Late-January bout with Mike Jameson in 1986. His fight with Halpin lasted four rounds in a six round bout. Tyson still won the fight via technical knockout.


October 25, 1985

Mike continued his rampage of the boxing world at the Atlantis hotel and casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In what was his shortest fight ever, Mike Tyson exchanged blows with Robert Colay, who at the time was 29, while Mike was only 19. The fight lasted only 37 seconds. It was one of the shortest 8 round fights in boxing history.


November 22, 1985

You know what I said about his fight with Colay being his shortest match? Yeah, I was lying. Only 29 days after his 0:37 second fight with Robert Colay, Mike Tyson would face of with Conroy Nelson at the Latham Coliseum in Latham, New York. The fight only lasted :30 seconds. About seven seconds shorter then his fight with Colay.


December 27, 1985

In Mike’s last fight of 1985, some poor scrub by the name of Mark Young got to share the ring with the most fiery competitor in boxing at the time in Mike Tyson. At the time of the fight, Mark young was 9-5 in previous fights, While Mike Tyson stood at an incredible record of 14-0. Mike would knock out Young in the first round, after only :50 seconds.