Singapore otter gangs


Via Pixabay

Henry Nickless

In a country filled with some of the wealthiest people, smartest minds, and greatest engineering feats, there lives an animal that causes more trouble than any other. The waterways of Singapore are protroled by this formidable foe, the river otter. These creatures live in small groups as each otter is a part of a family. These families include the Marina, the Bishan and the Zouk. These families have had long lasting wars for territory and land for fishing, the otter gangs will fight to the death to protect their territory. The otters have developed strategies to take on the other families. Splitting up the group and attacking individual targets is one of the most effective strategies in battle. If a family gets split up it is likely that blood will be shed. During these fights, many otters have died during the battle. People who live in Singapore must try their best to avoid certain areas by the water where certain otter families live and fish. If they don’t watch where they are going it is possible that they could be harmed while intruding on the otters land. This is just one of the examples of the otters’ power. Their ability to think so incredibly impressive and combined with their ability to communicate, makes these otters the apex predators of Singapore.