Kate Tucker, Associate Editor

The late work has been piling up since October, and I still push it off to a never-ending “I’ll do it tomorrow”. This constant cycle is commonplace among many of my friends and peers, making getting out of this groove created by me, myself, and I much worse. Pushing all of my assignments to the side has, shockingly, become a huge task to conquer as make-up work. Night after night, I spend my time juggling a social life, working, and doing a week’s worth of classwork in one day. 


This circus act I’ve been performing all year is long from ending due to my ever-present early-onset senioritis, which many seniors are quick to belittle and denounce. 


I’ve wanted to leave high school since the day I got here. I hate to bring it to everyone’s attention, but seniors are not the gatekeepers of emotions regarding high school. So go ahead and step off your pedestal now, because so what? Sure, you’ve been here a little longer than I have, that doesn’t give you the right to determine who can and can’t wait to leave our classic suburban high school. Just because you might be taking AP biology doesn’t give you the right to tell me to stop complaining about chemistry. Big shocker, you were just like me two years ago. 


That being said, seniors, I understand you want to leave, but be grateful it’s your turn. I still have roughly 800 days till my graduation.