Snapping Out of Snapchat


Hannah Larsen, Associate Editor

That’s right, I did it. Over the course of a month, I have fallen out of love with the app I once used to connect with friends near and far. I am referring to the commonly known app, snapchat. I’m not sure why but just going on the app makes me feel sad and sometimes a bit lonely. So on the Friday night we were let out for spring break, I decided that it would be wise to delete this app once and for all. Ok maybe not “once and for all” but just for a few days at the very least.

Day one discoveries:Deleting snapchat was in some ways freeing. I didn’t feel like I had to constantly look at my phone and check who’s responded and who hasn’t. Not only this but so many self discoveries had been made. I was able to FINALLY come to a conclusion about my after high school plans; I spent much more time with my family; I rarely thought about where my phone was or how it wasn’t in my hand. I did so much more this Saturday than I have done in weeks.

Day two discoveries: While trying to still stay productive and make the most of my day, I had again kept my distance from my phone and spent quality time with my family. I didn’t get everything done that I hoped too, but I was still active in some way. Yet, towards the end of the day, I became more lenient to using my phone. This leniency had followed me into the next day.

Day three discoveries: By Monday, I was starting to lag a little bit and fall onto other apps such as Instagram and Tik Tok. I wouldn’t spend crazy amounts of time on them, but I was falling back again to my phone and starting to go on it more.

Day four discoveries: Tuesday, I started my day later then I would have liked and found myself already reaching for my phone to go on Tik Tok. Especially when I tried to do homework, I would “check my phone for only one second” then stare at the work needed to be done and repeat. I had also told myself that Tuesday I could redownload snapchat because in the beginning my intention was to only delete it for three-ish days. After 2 minutes of having snapchat back on my phone, I deleted it again. I didn’t have any need or want to have it again. The memories on the app are nice to look back on, but that’s the only reason I think I will use snapchat.

In the future, most likely in the very near future, I plan to delete other social media apps, especially Tik Tok. I know you can set limits on your phone to help you control the time you spent, but there’s always the clicking of the “just 15 more minutes” button. Also, the problem isn’t just the time spent on it, but it’s the comparing and feeling drained while using the app. In the end I just feel as though I can make much more of my time and have a more sufficient mentality without these over popular social media apps.

For those who also feel like deleting the mentally draining app, Snapchat, I totally suggest trying it out. You don’t have to fully dive in and get rid of it completely, you can always download it after a few days. If you’re like me, then something that I was worried about was missing out on stuff, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if people want to hang out with you, they always have your phone number, they can text you. So not only are you freeing yourself, you are also finding out who you should give your time too and who you shouldn’t. Ultimately, I hope more people hop onto this idea and give it a try. Being freed from these mentally exhausting social media apps will be the best thing to happen to you.