Phase 2 of Colorado’s Vaccination Plan Begins April 2, 2021


Skylynn McDowell, Warrior Media Associate Editor

New phases of Colorado’s COVID-19 vaccination plan have been rolling out since December, and the final phase, Phase 2, is about to be implemented.
Beginning on April 2, 2021, Phase 2 will allow “the general public” to receive COVID-19 vaccines. This group includes anybody who is sixteen years or older who have not yet qualified for immunization in previous stages. People of or over the age of eighteen can qualify for any of the three vaccines, while ages between sixteen and eighteen years will only be able to be administered doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Eligibility for younger age groups is still being researched and tested by health professionals.
Places that provide COVID-19 vaccines include pharmacies, hospitals, and community sites. Many of these locations will require an appointment in order to receive a dose of the vaccine, and will likely schedule another time to complete a second dose if they administer the Moderna or Pfizer versions.
This link from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) provides information regarding COVID-19 vaccination locations. Other important things to know about COVID-19 and vaccination are easily accessible through this website.