The gut mind connection


Henry Nickless


The gut is home to a microbiome of bacteria that live in your intestines; they help to regulate and  control the food and nutrients that your body recovers. Surprisingly enough most of the bacteria in your stomach actually plan on helping you. Eating away the bad possibly harmful nutrients that make their way to your intestine in turn saving your stomach. This helps to keep the rest of your body in check. Hundreds of nerves reside in the intestines and rely heavily on the bacteria and the nutrients passing through to do their jobs. Their jobs are very important as well. These nerves are what makes the hormones and things like serotonin that help to keep your brain and your overall mood in check. The relationship consists of many other smaller relationships inside and outside of your body. It is important to feed yourself good food and it is even more important to pay attention to your body. Your body will tell you if something is wrong every time something is out of place. This is sometimes caused by disturbances or bad foods. Sometimes pain or stomach aches that make it harder for your body to function properly. Surprisingly some of the things that your body does is helping and protecting you. It is important to notice and be aware of the food that you are eating too. Paying attention to how you feel after meals and basing your next meal off of how you feel is important to improving your health and becoming a more healthy person. Even small changes can make a big difference. It is worth every second of your time trying to make your diet better and healthier because the possibilities of how much your health can change are endless and might be the answer that you have always been looking for. Simple changes can lead to major advantages in the field of nutrition. It may be helpful trying new things and good foods for your body. They may not be tasty or cheap, but they could seriously change your life. Your second mind is as important as your first and you should treat it with the same care and love. After all, It could be the thing to save your life.