Fuzzy’s Tacos is an Excellent Pick for Lunch or Dinner


Food Review: Fuzzy’s Tacos

By Andrew Kirk


I ordered a taco plate, with one shredded brisket taco, one spicy pork taco, Mexican rice, and refried beans. I got this for around $10. I think that the food is definitely worth the price. 


I think I liked the spicy pork taco a little bit better than the shredded brisket one. The shredded brisket one was a little fatty, and was kinda a weird texture. The spicy pork was made perfectly and tasted great with some hot sauce added on top. They are both great choices though. The Mexican rice was amazing. It went perfectly with the beans and the tacos. They weren’t too dry, but also weren’t too wet. The refried beans were amazing. They had a great texture that made them 10x better. I really like how they make their refried beans. 


I think that Fuzzy’s tacos is an excellent pick to eat for lunch or dinner. The price is a little high for students, but the food is very filling, and there is a lot of it. I would definitely return to Fuzzy’s to try more tacos, and maybe even get the same thing I got.