The Taste of Noodles N Company

Cain, Ethan, Reporter

Noodles N Company Review


Cain, and Ethans Order:

Cain got the Mac N Cheese, and Ethan got the pesto with chicken.



The location is great, with it being decently close to Arapaho. But it is better to have a car, because you don’t want to be rushing there, and back from the restaurant. But it is a great option to do a pick up for dinner



The price is great for a student with it being $7-9 for a good sized meal. So with that we rated it as a 9-10 for the price range. It does cost more to get a drink, but with the size of the cups it makes up for it. 



They had great service, getting us the food very fast, so we could get back to class. They were very nice, and we were greeted, and thanked for our visit. They were amazing with the service, getting a 9 rating for the surface.


Our final Rating:

Our final rating for Noodles N Company 8-10 just because of the location, and the great service, great food.