A Look Back To The Beatles 3: The Final Years

A Look Back To The Beatles 3: The Final Years

Mason DeBaggis, Music Reviewer

Welcome to the third and final part of “A Look Back to The Beatles.” This time we will be talking about the Beatles’ final years, From 1967 – 1970. A recap from the other two in the first one we gave some history of where the Beatles came from and who they were we discussed their albums from 1963 – 1964 these albums were their stat to being the biggest band on the planet and in the second part, we discussed how the Beatles were able to produce more of what they wanted and talked about the albums from 1965 – 1967 this time we will be talking about the final years before the Beatles split and began their own careers.


“Magical Mystery Tour”: 1967


The first album we will talk about is the “Magical Mystery Tour.” Though this album was wedged between the beloved “Sgt. Pepper’s” and 1968’s “White Album.” Magical Mystery Tour still played a part in the Beatle’s story. The album was released as a band directed movie than as an album. The movie was not the best compared to the other ones that they made. Though the music inside of the movie was very unique. Some psychedelic and some abstract, the album and movie were different for everyone. This album was either a hit or a miss to whoever listened to it.


This album wasn’t initially an album it was a movie turned into an album. The movie was made and produced by the Beatles. The songs in it were interesting, even for the Beatles. This album was not as beloved as the others. Some would say it was forgotten, but the songs inside were good. From the songs I would recommend, “The Fool On The Hill,” “I Am The Walrus,” “Hello Goodbye,” Strawberry Fields Forever,” and “Penny Lane.” This album is perfect for anyone who wants new types of music. Psychedelic or abstract though it is not for everyone.


“The Beatles(The White Album)”:1968


From “Sgt. Pepper’s” this album was a stark contrast from it. The album cover being a simple white to the songs being more abstract. This album was almost the complete opposite of “Sgt. Pepper’s.” The one thing that stayed the same. Was that his album was just beloved as “Sgt. Pepper’s.” The album was extended much longer than the other albums. Which let the band come up with more experimental songs and more creative songs. This album was the album that defined the Beatles as the Beatles.




“Yellow Submarine”: 1969 


“Yellow Submarine” is somewhat of a half album. Like “Magical Mystery Tour” It started as a movie with the same name. Though the movie was different it was animated. Most of the songs on the album were from other albums like revolver but the album also has some original songs from it not only that the Yellow Submarine is the only album that has songs without any voices with Gerorge Martin’s Colorful soundtrack for the movie this album was different and as such was forgotten though I would highly advise you to listen to the album and watch the movie


Songs I would recommend from the album is “Yellow Submarine,” “All Together Now,” “All You Need Is Love,” and all of the George Martin songs they have no singing but they are magical once you listen to them 


Abbey Road: 1969


Abbey Road used the less is more approach not needing to go above with their songs they made the songs less complicated which worked for them with the song “Come Together” it’s controlled intensity this album is the number one album everyone loved this album the band worked so well together and the use of paul’s vocals made he songs even better 


From this album, I would recommend all of the songs “Come Together,” “Something,”  “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” etc are amazing songs from the vocals and the background music it just comes together so perfectly not only that but the songs from “You Never Give Me Your Money” to “The End” his 8 part song I just so amazing it’s like your watching a show in a theatre this album is a must listen to no matter who you are 


Let It Be: 1970


Let It Be was presented as not a studio art project but just people making music like when they were younger it was just them making music but they incorporated everything from the other albums they made this album was going to be the last so they had to do something so they had a concert ontop of the recording studio they recorded the music on it was sad to see the Beatles final concert before they were on there own it was bittersweet but it was probably the best way the could spit nothing to extreme and nothing to underwhelming 


Like the last album, I would recommend all the songs from you could hear how they were having fun making the music and you could hear the passion in the music just like Abbey Road this album was one of their best I would want you to listen to it all