In Defense of Sharks

Scared of sharks? Think again.

From “Jaws” to “Sharknado”, sharks have received a negative rep in the media in the last few decades. Proclaimed as the most “bloodthirsty predators” of the ocean, sharks receive reactions of fear and hatred. 


We’re here to set the record straight- sharks do NOT deserve the negative reputation. 


You have a higher chance of being killed by a champagne cork, vending machine, lawnmower, or coconut than being killed by a shark. 

While sharks kill up to 10 people per year, humans kill up to 100 million sharks per year.  


Sharks are around 450 million years old and are the only species to have survived 5 mass extinctions. 


Sharks have a very important part in the ecosystem. They contribute to the balance of the ecosystem by limiting species numbers to healthy numbers. 


Many shark species are declining at an alarming rate. According to IUCN analysts, “among the approximately 470 species of sharks, 2.4 percent are Critically Endangered, 3.2 percent are Endangered, 10.3 percent are Vulnerable, and 14.4 percent are Near Threatened.” 


Struggling with the threat of extinction, humans have done no favor to these underestimated creatures. Aside from the hunting of sharks, ocean pollution also contributes to the decline in shark species. 


More than 100 million pounds of plastic from industrial fishing gear pollute the oceans each year. When research shows that 67% of the 46 sharks analyzed were contaminated with plastic, it’s hard to argue that they’re the real dangerous predators. 


Other sea creatures such as pufferfish are the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world and are infinitely more likely to kill you than a shark. In fact,  Jellyfish, lionfish, and sea snakes are more deadly than sharks.


So next time you find yourself fearing sharks, rethink your stance.  Contrary to popular belief, most sharks aren’t a threat to the human species, in fact, it’s rather the opposite. Who should you really fear?