MLB Lockout is Over

Will Tober, Writer

After about 6 months of wondering and waiting. MLB announced last Tuesday that the MLB lockout was over.

 It started at 12:01 on December 2nd. The reason for the Lockout starting is because the 2016 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) contract ended, therefore, issuing the lockout.

 It happened after commissioner Rob Manfred couldn’t make a deal to end the lockout.

 After months of trying to make a deal, still, nothing had come about to make the deal.

 They went to 5 meetings before they finally made the deal. And finally after 4 months of the MLB lockout, and 6 regular-season games canceled because of it, Rob Manfred and the MLB had finally made a deal.

 With the deal finally made, the regular season is supposed to start on April 7th, and there is expected to be a full season of playing baseball.