It’s an Honor to be in National Honor Society


Liam Natale, Confused critic

With the 100 years of the National Honor Society, there are many fun things within this club. Such as you can only be a junior or older to be part of this club and you have to do 10 hours of service.

When you signed up for this club it is after you get an email from the school. This year the email comes out this Friday. When you have been excepted into this club you have to go to 2 out of the 4 meetings next week to get a packet to know what it’s about. to be able to get into the club you have to have a 3.5 GPA as a junior or a 3.25 as a senior.

As you are in the club you need to do 10 hours of service to your community. Five of the 10 you need to do services that are required by the club suck as an hour of code, donated cans for the can drive, and others. I got a quote from the sponsor saying ” It is better to help your community so you don’t think about yourself.”

This information about this amazing club.