The Music of Lykke Li

A music review for the Swedish artist, Lykke Li


Mia Goodman, Music Critic

Lykke Li is an alternative/indie artist who has written music, done musical covers, sang for popular television shows and has some songs you probably didn’t even know she sang. Lykke Li was born in Ystad, Sweden in 1986 to Kärsti Stiege and Johan Zachrisson. Her birth name is Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson but she shortened her name to Lykke Li for her stage name. 


Her music is dark with a hint of electronic. Her lyrics are meaningful but come across as simple and powerless. One of her most popular songs, “sex money feels die” was popular on TikTok for its catchy rhythm, along with her song “Possibility” from the show “Twilight.” Although Lykke’s music is pretty consistent she has ventured off into the hip hop side of music, similar to Lana Del Rey. She was featured on a song with Drake, this song became her #1 song on Apple Music charts. 


After listening to Lykke Li I’ve concluded that I like her music and her electric spin on indie pop. One song I specifically like is called “Unchained Melody” which is actually a cover of a song written by “The Righteous Brothers”. This song has a childish yet ethereal tone in the beginning and slowly fades into a rich and chilling melody. Her other music seems to have highs and lows. Some of her songs could be considered hip hop while others could be considered indie pop.


Overall I really enjoyed listening to Lykke Li and I am a fan of her variation. She is similar to other indie artists but her electric spin makes her unique. If I could listen to her music for the first time again, I would start with the song “Possibility” to get a sense of her slower side, then might progressively start listening to her more upbeat music.