The Short Game: The Sequel is Not as Good as the Original

The Short Game: The Sequel is Not as Good as the Original

Mike Carlson, Spear Contributor

Let’s face it, not all sequels are created equal. If you have ever seen the monstrosity of a film “Transformers 2” was and then followed that up with any of the “Star Wars” movies not titled “The Phantom Menace,” you get what I’m saying.

Conveniently, it’s the exact same with the wide theater of sports in that not all repeat runs at glory are exactly the same.

To start, take a look at Florida State University. Just one year ago they were the talk of college football and the center of national media attention. The young freshman quarterback, an explosive offense, and a Cinderella-like run made them a box-office hit. It also really helps when your team doesn’t don crimson and yell “Roll Tide!” after everything as well. In other words, FSU was the “Mean Girls” in a market filled with really repetitive and awful “Madea” movies. This year, the sequel for FSU hasn’t quite gone so smoothly. The leading man is seldom on the set due to a plethora of off-field issues, none of the drama has to do with sports, and crab legs have become the center of attention. I’m still not sure if what I’m watching is a really terrible second act or just an episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

The Boston Red Sox put together an Oscar-worthy story last year. It made us cry, laugh, and jump for joy in just one season of baseball. The second iteration, however, left a lot to be desired. The ensemble cast broke up halfway through production and, like “Grease 2,” was quickly replaced with young, unproven talent. A movie involving actual red socks would have still been better here. And while a very lousy sequel in its own right, the Sox can rest easy at night knowing that they will never be dubbed a “Squeakquel.”

In Miami, the Heat tried to attempt the elusive trilogy and finished with something caught between all three “Legally Blonde movies and the “Matrix series. But, Heat fans wouldn’t know this because they left before the whole thing was over.

The Raiders, paying homage to the dismal “Final Destinationfranchise, have strung together nine different, yet equally dreadful sequels in the form of ten straight losses. The Raiders’ final destination you ask? Last place.

Not all sequels are bad though.

Take the Seattle Seahawks as an example. After a dramatic run through the play-offs, including a final Death Star-like demolition of the Broncos, the Birds are primed to make another run. Although a lot of the script still has to be written, this would be a sequel worthy for any date night. Just make sure you don’t trade away your date for a conditional sixth round draft pick halfway through the night.

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, in true “Fast & Furious” style, produced five sequels in the form of six NASCAR titles. This is also where the comparison between Vin Diesel and Jimmie Johnson ends.

But really most sequels are pretty bad.

And that is why we love sports.

Sports give us something new every time we watch. Whether it is a no-hitter, a five touchdown performance, or a hat-trick it is rare to find a sequel in the world of sports. That is why we would much rather buy crazy expensive popcorn at a football game than at a showing of “Miss Congeniality 2.”

Now all I need is a date.