Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens World Tour


Mackenzie Callahan

There I was, like one of the millions of misunderstood twelve-year-olds, paying more attention to my Pandora stations than my homework. I was attempting to avoid completing a math worksheet assigned that afternoon by skipping songs and switching through stations.

I clicked on my All Time Low radio station, hoping that for once, the song I wanted to play would come up. But instead of any All Time Low song showing up, a song called “Caraphernelia” by Pierce the Veil started playing. And from that day forward, my love for the band that played on an All Time Low station made their permanent spot in my Favorite Artists list.

After relatively extensive research on both Wikipedia and Tumblr, I found out almost everything there was to know about Pierce the Veil. Like how many albums they had out at the time, how many people were in the band and when they were touring to my state. Needless to say, my math worksheet was not completed that evening.

Two years after my finding of Pierce the Veil, I was sitting after school, once again avoiding homework with music. This time, I was caught in one of those three-hour Youtube voids that involves continuous clicking on videos. I was watching music videos when I came upon a song called “If You Can’t Hang” by Sleeping with Sirens. The cycle repeated itself after I finished the video and I spent hours searching “Sleeping with Sirens” on Youtube and Tumblr and the internet. Once again, no homework was completed that night.

Now this is not some article trying to boycott homework or influence procrastination. This is not even about the black hole that sucks high schoolers into the internet. This is about nine people, an uncountable amount of concerts, and two bands. Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens.

I could tell you all about both bands. Who the lead singers are, how many Twitter followers and Facebook likes they have.  However, facts aside, it is the emotional appeal of the lyrics that made my love for them stronger.

I love words and sentences and lyrics that make you feel something. They metaphorically hit the heart, creating some kind of spark. They kindle that spark with lyrics like, “I am free now. Free to live now without my fears. I believe now there is a reason I’m here,” in “Free Now” by Sleeping with Sirens or, “Darling, you’ll be okay,” in “Hold On Till May” by Pierce the Veil. As well as a multitude of others written in the folds of their songs.

A countless number of people, myself included, achieve an abundance of inspiration from song lyrics. And more often than not, the song lyrics that are scribbled on the sides of my homework or written in the margins of my notes belong to either Pierce the Veil or Sleeping with Sirens. Because they will be at your side when you need them, will hold your hand, will share your sorrows and will never leave you.

With saying both bands will never leave you, it may be false in a literal sense, seeing as though they can’t play one venue (in Denver specifically) 53 times for their upcoming tour. But have no fear Denver, or other cities and states, because Pierce the Veil will be touring across the United States from Jan. 23 through March 7. And both Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil will be playing in Denver on Jan. 31 at the Fillmore Auditorium.

So if you want to hear a “Congratulations” occasionally or not feel “Low”. Or “If You Can’t Hang” with anyone else or you just need to “Hold On Till May”. Or if you just need to throw “A Match Into Water” or feel like a “King For A Day”, all you have to do is search Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens on Youtube or start stations on Pandora and get “Tangled In The Great Escape”.