Boys Lacrosse Aims Top Shelf

Max Geise, Spear Contributor

There has been one extremely consistent team in the past five years at Arapahoe: boys varsity lacrosse. Since head coach Guy Cerasoli joined the team in the 2009-10 season, the boys have finished every season with a winning record and won three state championship titles. Not only that, but the boys were the first team with an undefeated record in the state (19-0) in the 2011-12 season.

Clearly this year’s squad has some big shoes to fill. Yet the first look is hopeful. There are a group of core players who have played together for the last several years, including senior captain Anthony Ferrie. “We’re more together as a group than we were last year… Most of the seniors have played on varsity for the last couple of years,” Ferrie said about the core group of guys. In addition, the team has gathered some new talent with players like freshman Jackson Harvey. According to Ferrie, “Last year was more of a rebuilding stage; this year is a reload with a ‘let’s go get it’ kind of attitude.” Hopefully, this combination of new and old and a good attitude will prove to be a winning lineup.

“It all depends on us starting fast. Our coach, Guy Cerasoli, did a very good job of scheduling us to play hard teams at the beginning of the year,” Ferrie said. He hopes that the team comes off with some big wins early in the season, and then rides that into the playoffs. “We need to start fast, and play to that level the entire season so when it gets to the playoffs, we know what it’s like to play against those caliber teams so we don’t fold under pressure like I think we did last year.”

So far it looks like things are going according to plan. The varsity boys have gotten a jump start on their season, winning their first three games. The boys beat out Aspen 16-11, Regis, the defending state champions, 8-7, and Grandview 16-9.