Take Heart

Petra Sikorski, Feature Writer

An adaptation on Humans of New York


“Don’t worry much about big things that are little.”

Mckenna Keene

“I play the flute which is very fun and I ski on occasion… that’s pretty much it. I started doing archery again after about two years of taking a break from it which has relieved some of the stress from school and a bunch of other things. I aspire to be either an artist, an animator for video games, or a voice actor because that’s just something I’ve always loved doing.”


“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

Alise Kernan

“My mom had me when she was sixteen and she is making a living for herself…it has just made her stronger every day. She has had the biggest influence on my life.”

“My boyfriend and I met in sixth grade Spanish.”


“I’m really into music. I play guitar, piano, trumpet…I have my own soundboard and I write music a lot.”

Jennifer Kardarisman

“I let people walk all over me. It’s so bad because my friends will do something mean to me and when I see them I forgive them right away. I don’t really stand up for myself.”