This Year’s Talented Toms – Season Preview

Rees LaBree and Jake Reed

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The Toms have historically been an elite performance group at Arapahoe. Last year, they placed 1st in the Centennial League, 3rd in the state, and 10th in the nation. This year they hope to continue their tradition of excellence with a new twist. The Toms will now incorporate a Junior Varsity program along with a new coach.

The new JV Toms program will “Just benefit this team even more,” said Head Coach Brandi Carlson. After moving here from Eagle Crest High School, Carlson was faced with the enormous task of creating a JV team. The new JV team will serve as not only a new activity for the school but a feeder team for the varsity squad. Coach Carlson has an optimistic forecast for the upcoming season. “I think they are just a well-rounded group of girls and they are just so talented,” Carlson said.

“I’m looking forward to the competitions,” said sophomore Rachel Vilner about the upcoming events on JV Toms. The team is looking forward to performing a varsity level stunt, the team quad. Vilner hopes that “this team will make history”. The JV Toms perform at junior varsity football games, junior varsity volleyball games, and lacrosse, among other things.
Captain Liv Moody also looks forward to a successful season. “I want to uphold a positive reputation within the school,” she said “We have a really strong work ethic, great choreography, and a brand new coach.” She aspires to lead her team to the top 3 in the state. The Varsity Toms perform at all varsity home football games, varsity volleyball games, and varsity basketball games. They also will host major events during homecoming week from Oct. 5-10.

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This Year’s Talented Toms – Season Preview