AHS Student Builds Fully Functional Go-Kart

Arapahoe Student singlehandedly builds a nearly $3,000 go-kart in free time

Jack Lebar, Contributor

Tom Muetterties spends his free time a little differently than most students but that is because he possesses a skill that most students lack. The junior at Arapahoe High School has spent nearly 20 hours by himself, building a go-kart.


Muetterties says he has spent around $800 on the kart but should be able to sell it for around $2500 to $3000. This go-kart is no child’s toy either. Muetterties says, “The engine comes from a pretty large dirt bike, so the go-kart will have plenty of power, but it also has a roll cage for added safety.”


He was serious when he said it will have plenty of power. The kart boasts a 250cc, 2-stroke engine converted from a dirt bike. Muetterties estimates that the go-kart’s top speed will be around 120 mph.


Muetterties has plenty of experience in the field of mechanics because it is his job at Big Tool Box. When asked what his position there involves, he said, “Mainly repairing lawn mowers, weed wackers, chainsaws, snowblowers, etc.”


Muetterties sums up his thoughts about his creation: “It was a lot of work to build but in the end it is worth it because it is so much fun to ride and it can always be sold for a profit.”


Jeremy Belin, also a junior at Arapahoe and a friend of Muetterties, has seen the go-kart in the process of its construction, as well as the finished product. Belin has even had to opportunity to see the kart run in person.


Belin says, “The go-kart is pretty much off the charts! It is really loud and fast and seems like a lot of fun.”

Belin claims the go-kart engine is nearly deafening in person and it is quite remarkable. Belin comments on his friend’s skill: “It is pretty impressive that it was built by a single high school student. It really is a complex piece of machinery.”


Being one of the few that have actually seen the kart in person and seen it run, Belin says “Tom is pretty experienced with mechanics and it is awesome that he can do stuff like this in his free time.”