Emily Lepetsos- Senior Volleyball Profile


Becca Garner and Kelly Smith, Spear Contributor

Name: Emily Lepetsos

Grade: 12

Position: Right Side Hitter

Number: 10

Q: How many years you have played volleyball and what teams and include middle school if you did?

A: I’ve played volleyball for 5 years, 3 of those years playing at 303 Volleyball Club for competitive.

Q: Favorite team/rival and why?

A: I love playing Cherry Creek because they always give us a challenge and the student section is always energetic that game.

Q: Favorite pro player or someone you look up to and why?

A: Michael Jordan because he got cut from his high school basketball team, and Missy Franklin because she is such a good student and person while still being an amazing athlete.

Q: Advice to younger players?

A: Enjoy the game. Have a never-ending passion for improving your game and play because you love it. Also, don’t EVER give up because you can do anything you put your mind to!

Q: Favorite quote/bible verse?

A: “Only dead fish go with the flow.”

Q: 3 favorite things (candy, color, state, etc)?

A: I love concerts, summer and Chick Fil A.

Q: Why should people come out to watch the team?

A: We have been working incredibly hard this season and I believe we can take our team to state! We need a lot of Warrior spirit in the stands!