Diary of a Freshman Week 1

August 21, 2015

Kiennes Adams , Reporter

First week of school, all I can feel is anxious, scared. It’s a new school, new people, new environment, and a TON of homework. Confusing schedule, strict teachers, being organized, and immediately losing it.

There were 11 things that ran through my head everyday, all the time:


  1. Oh he’s cute!
  2. Wow, I’m a loser.
  3. I need music, this is boring.
  4. Stop screaming.
  5. Don’t talk to me.
  6. Ew! I have to see you again?
  7. Are you lost?
  8. Geez, I’m so negative!
  9. Hey friends…That I don’t have.
  10. How do you not remember my name? I forgot your name.
  11. Cool, I’m organized!….Oh wait….


There’s more but… Inappropriate?

I think one of the worst parts of high school is the hallways. People walk so slow, I swear we aren’t moving sometimes. But luckily, I have 4 minutes to get to class, or talk to random people. Whichever you prefer.

It’s definitely better than middle school! Less dress code, less drama, less problems. I feel like the more people you have in a room, not only the stinkier it gets, but the less you hear. The drama is not as bad as it was in middle school.

But I’m going to stay positive! It’ll get better, I know it will. And for all you freshman out there, stay strong! You’re not alone.


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