Last call to submit to The Muse


The Muse, our high school art and literary magazine, is gearing up for their publication in the spring. The absolute final deadline to submit any art and writing to The Muse is this Friday, Jan. 22. “We have had a lot of poetry submitted, hundreds [of poems] really,” said Mr. Spare, an english teacher involved in The Muse. Alternately, hardly any prose have been submitted. A prose is a short writing that shares stories and ideas, similar to a college essay. If any seniors have an essay they feel is worth sharing, this is the perfect opportunity. The Muse could also use more artwork submissions. Having had artwork submitted, it is a wonderful way to express your passion to the student body, and it can help you meet with other artists and writers of Arapahoe. If you submit your work by the deadline this friday, you could be entered in a raffle to win a gift card. Mr. Spare recalls, “We have given away a $15-20 gift card to Starbucks.” There is nothing to lose by submitting to The Muse, Arapahoes student art and literature publication.